Onboarding Guide πŸ“•

There are many options to consider when moving to Imagen. This guide will help identify the best options by recognising your requirements

Your current media practices...  

  • Media storage location?
  • Media sharing or distribution?
  • Media storage format(s)?
  • Associated metadata?
    • Embedded in Images/Videos
    • XML files
    • Spreadsheets (e.g., .csv or .xlsx)
  • Location and access to your catalogue?
  • User access (current and anticipated)?

Ultimate objectives...


How much content do you intend to onboard?

  • Total number of files?

  • The total file size (GB, TB, PB)?

  • Single or mixed media (e.g., video, audio, images, documents)?

  • File types (i.e., extensions)?

    (Check Imagen's supported file types)

Where is your media stored, and how?

 Automatic media processing and file conversion


Who will be accessing the platform?

  • People who are already using your media?

  • Other departments of your organisation?

  • Partners and stakeholders?

πŸ’‘Tip: Check out our guide on building access control for your users

Will everyone see everything?

What will people do on the platform?

πŸ’‘Tip: Check out our guide on setting default access control for your content



Media Management – Organising Media


Media distribution

  • Which downloads will be available to users?
  • Will media be shared across social media?
  • Do you need to syndicate media to other platforms or companies outside of Imagen?
  • Do you want to offer accelerated file downloading?



How will your platform look?

  • What will be the site's URL (e.g., new domain, subdomain, Imagen-provided domain)?

  • How will it look (i.e., how closely will it align to your other digital properties)?

  • Browser display customisation with a favicon?

πŸ“ž Please reach out to Imagen to discuss custom theming Contact Us