Introduction to Content Licensing 📕

Transactional shopping basket payments or subscription-based Video On Demand (VOD) packages generate licensing revenue.

Imagen offers two payment models that can suit your business requirements. Please select an option to learn more:


Model One: All-Access Subscriptions (VOD)

Deliver your content through highly customisable subscription VOD packages. 
Users can purchase a subscription account which will give them access to a range of content on the platform (for playback and or download).
Tiers or offers can be set up for subscribers. These can include access to different levels of content and pricing.  Full details of transactions logged and available to Administrators. 

👉 Follow this link for more information on Subscriptions

Model Two: Content Licensing (Baskets)

Imagen automates the licensing process through customisable Media Rights Packages. Media Rights sets create a framework of options to define terms of usage which will calculate pricing automatically.
You may have just one rights set when working with a simple business model, but you may define multiple sets if you are representing content from numerous underlying content owners.  

👉 Follow this link for more information on Baskets