Subscription Overview πŸ“•

You can create platform subscriptions, so subscribed users can then search, preview, and (if allowed) download media.


Subscription features are designed to generate revenue from your content through highly customisable subscription Video On Demand (VOD) packages for consumer audiences. Users can purchase a subscription account which will give them access to ranges of content on the platform (for playback and or download).  Packages can be set up with different price options. The users’ account management panel shows full transaction details and account options.

Subscriptions can be configured to require a one-time payment or a recurring direct debit. Additionally, multiple subscription tiers can be configured to provide different levels of access to media (e.g., Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages unlock access to different media files and permissions within the platform).

User accounts

Every Imagen user has their own account page where they can:

β€’ Access orders
Users can reference their previous orders within the account interface

β€’ Update details
Modifying account details, such as name and email address, is simple in the account management interface

β€’ View billing history
Review historical billing for content usage/licensing

Manage payment methods
Users can update credit card details.
Note: Imagen does not store payment details, but we allow users to update a Stripe account

β€’ Manage subscriptions
Users can change subscription details to cancel and update to new packages and so on