Using the Record (XML) Import Widget ⚡

Create new entries from legacy archive data or import a large batch of content with the record (XML) importer tool. Multiple (even tens of thousands!) of Metadata records can be uploaded to Imagen via a handy drag-and-drop interface.

  1. Introduction
  2. Create the 'record (XML) Importer' Widget

  3. Next steps


If the individual XML files hold a URL path to a media file, Imagen will ingest the media and attach it to the new record. You can even select which workflow to send it to, allowing you to add watermarks, pre-rolls, etc.  

If an Import XML file contains a matching record ID, Imagen will update an existing record.  Click here to take a look at an example Mapping File and the Imagen XML schema

Create the 'record (XML) Importer' Widget

Before you begin, consider the page on which you would like the XML importer displayed. This could be on any custom page of your choosing, new or existing. The following guide will show you how to create a new custom page to house the record importer 

Next Steps

👉 Learn more about how workflows can transform your media, or brush up on Mapping Files & The Imagen Import XML Schema