Imagen Query Language Reference 📰

Imagen query language syntax is listed here as a reference

General Imagen query language statements

AND identifies an additional parameter

media.ParentID = {mediaid} identifies records that are segments or children created from other records

media.State = 'Archived' / 'Failed'


‘Archived’ identifies records that have media files stored against them

'Failed' indicates that a problem has taken place during ingestion - troubleshooting guide

ORDER BY indicates an order by which to display results:


DESC for descending order, with the highest value first

ASC for ascending order, with the lowest value first

Date is the field by which the results will be ordered

LIMIT {n} establishes the total number of items to load, where n is the number

Example Imagen query language statements

WHERE Field_Name = %Field_Name%

WHERE Colour = %Colour% 

WHERE Category = %Category% ORDER BY Date DESC

WHERE Category = %Category% AND media.State = 'Archived'