Newbie Checklist 👋

Welcome! Start creating, editing, and adding media records

This introductory guide provides step-by-step advice to help you get the best from your Imagen experience.  We have highlighted the most common topics, features, and options to scale and optimise your media management workflow.  Have a look through the articles below, and you will be able to use Imagen with confidence.  


  • Introduction to Imagen ✅ 

    Your web browser is your portal into Imagen, catering to all required access levels and tasks from essential user tasks like viewing media to advanced administrator tasks like back-end configuration. Interaction between your content and users occurs almost entirely through your web browser. This introductory guide will take place almost entirely within Imagen Web, making it worthwhile spending some time to understand how it works. 
  • Imagen records and media objects ✅ 
    "Your content" is a commonly used phrase throughout this knowledgebase; It could refer to your media assets before ingestion but will most likely refer to your media and the record in which that media sits.
  • Descriptive metadata
    Without descriptive metadata, users would have no way to refine their searches or Identify the desired asset. Descriptive metadata forms the core of your search experience.
  • Imagen workflows
    Workflows are like a recipe to create renditions -Such as a web-optimised video. Imagen will create custom workflows for you to get the most out of your media. This guide will show you how,
  • How to Create an Imagen record with your web browser ✅ 
    The easiest way to create an Imagen record is through your web browser. Although there are many other ways to do this, we will start with the simplest method.  
  • How to Update existing records with your web browser ✅
    Now that you know how to create a record, this guide will show you how to edit an existing record in your Imagen platform.

As every customer journey is unique, we expect you may need supplementary information. If so, please reach out to us at