Storage Replication 🌐

Imagen replication helps you to plan for cost, availability, and security. Continue reading to learn about the advantages and the principles of Imagen Storage Replication.

What is Imagen Storage Replication? 

Storage replication can be configured to facilitate the movement of files from one place to another - for logistical or preservation purposes. For example, you may want to add additional copies of your archive media to speed up the delivery of files to audiences in different geographical regions, or perhaps you want to ensure that you have redundancy built into your disaster recovery plan. 

Replication between storage services can be configured to copy and store specific storage profiles in a different location (i.e., original files with annotations).

Two or more storage services with a minimum of one Storage Profile on each Storage Service will be required to configure storage replication.

Storage Replication Parameters

Server ID Specify from which storage service the profiles will be replicated into the new storage service
Profile ID

This parameter configures the storage profiles that are to be replicated. For example, when replicating an image profile with Profile ID '7A' from the original storage service, the Profile ID must match the profile number on the replicating storage service.

Start Time Replication can be configured to begin and end at specific time intervals. 
End Time 
Days Replication can be configured to occur on specific day(s).

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