Subscription Configuration ⚡

Now you are ready to set up Subscriptions! Read on to configure your payment model.


Subscription Configuration

Now that your Stripe account and License have been linked and applied, you will see additional options under the Monetisation drop-down menu in the Admin panel.

Steps to complete configuration

  1. Configure Taxation
  2. Enable Subscriptions
  3. Configure Subscription Tiers
    1. Create a new Tier

    2. Configure Billing

    3. Accounting Settings

  4. Geolocation Database Configuration




Configure Taxation

⚠️IMPORTANT: A Geolocation Database is required if you wish to enable location-based VAT or Restrictions 


A VATsense account will be required to enable our integration. This allows for automatic VAT calculation in the total cost and can be configured based on location. 

 A paid account will be required to obtain a VATsense API key. We recommend using the Starter or Basic plan.  You will be presented with an API key once your account has been created.

This API key can then be linked with Imagen by entering it, here: https://your_imagen_domain/taxationadminform/config
Use the dropdown menu to select your country of registration, and then enter your VAT number (optional)

Enable Subscriptions

Subscriptions can now be enabled at: 


Tick the box shown to the right and click 'Save Changes'

Create and Configure Subscription Tiers


To highlight the configuration fields we will look at three tiers (e.g., Gold, Silver, and Bronze) and assign the subscription tiers to three separate user Groups. These Groups will ensure that subscribed members can only access records intended for their subscription level.  This is controlled by the ACL on individual Records and Media Objects.


This is the name of your Subscribtion Tier


This is the description of your Tier as will be displayed to your users


When subscribed to your new tier, users will be added to a Group of your choosing to control access to your premium content



Configure Billing

Billing details such as trial period, billing frequency, and price.  Note that the price can be set inclusive or exclusive of VAT. 

Trial Period

After the trial period has expired users who have subscribed to this subscription Tier will be charged via their Stripe account. 

Billing Frequency

This field specifies the frequency of the billing period. You may choose to offer a discounted subscription if paid annually. 

Currency to Charge in

This field set the currency in which you receive payments

⚠️ Currently, American Express is not supported for any currency