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Break the language barrier with support for 70+ languages. Learn more about how to reach users in multiple languages.



Overview: Promoting an international user experience.

Extracting the greatest value from your media in a digital world without boundaries requires an international user experience. Delivering a localised, multi-language user interface demonstrates brand credibility and makes good commercial sense if you are monetising your content in a global marketplace. It can also improve operational efficiency across international businesses. From searching in Spanish to distributing in Danish. Imagen’s comprehensive translation tools and Language Packs deliver a truly international user experience. Store and search across metadata sets in over 70 languages, translate custom content, add subtitles to improve accessibility and connect your valuable content with the widest possible audience. Dedicated Language Packs are also available for low-level translation of common interface elements in French, Arabic, German, Welsh, Spanish, Portuguese and English (US).

Pro Tip: Imagen includes the option to group/filter languages on export 

How to Activate Your Language Pack

Metadata and Searching

Store and search metadata in over 70 languages without any additional configuration. Imagen metadata records can store any combination of languages. For example, you could store your Description in French and your Rights holder metadata in Russian. Search the database using the same French or Russian vocabulary used in the metadata record and you will quickly find the source. You can also store multiple language variations of the same metadata. For example, you could store the same description metadata for a media asset in Chinese, Arabic and English. End-users will then find the same media asset when they search in any of those languages. 


Annotations are time based tags which describe specific events or highlight elements (such as people or objects) on a video or audio time line. Imagen can store multiple versions of  annotations in different languages. Annotations are searchable and help users to discover and navigate through key moments inlong form content such as sports. Annotations default to the user’s language settings in their browser. However, a simple control in the Annotation interface allows users to override the default and the language they wish to display and search. 


Subtitles and Multiple Audio Tracks

Subtitle files can be imported into Imagen. The files are converted into standard TTML format  nd stored with the relevant media. TTML subtitle text is then synchronised with video or audio files during playback. Video or sound files with multiple audio tracks containing alternative language options can also be accessed using Imagen’s media player controls. Language tracks can be toggled on or off without refreshing the web page or restarting the video. 

Custom Translation Components

Translate Custom Text Zones

Custom text zones are editable areas of Imagen’s user interface which can be updated with your own text - such as the welcome message on a home page. Imagen can store multiple  translations for each custom text zone and present a localised version based on the browser’s language setting.

Translate Custom Pages

Add any number of additional pages to your Imagen platform to offer information or promote your service - e.g. an about us page, licensing terms, a blog or latest news. Imagen can store multiple translations of the text used on custom pages and deliver an appropriate version based on the language preference settings in the user’s browser.

Logo Language Variants

Upload, store and display a range of logos to serve an international audience.

Translate Menu Items

Menu items can be translated and presented in any of Imagen’s supported languages

Language Packs

Language Packs are additional modules which provide a professionally translated Imagen user interface.Key UI components include media engagement tools, notifications and dialogue boxes. For right-to-left reading languages, the Language Pack will also flip the interface
horizontally. Packs are currently available in Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English (US) and Welsh, with extra languages planned. Contact Imagen or your account manager for further details and pricing information.

Translated interface elements include:

  • Registration and login pages
  • Clipping controls and collections
  • Account pages and MRSS feeds
  • System notifications
  • Shopping basket and checkout
  • Ingest and metadata editing
  • Saved searches and email notifications
  • Annotations and layers
  • Record page menu options


Languages Supported


Afrikaans – AF Kurdish – KU
Amharic – AM Lao – LO
Arabic – AR Latvian – LV
Armenian – HY Lithuanian – LT
Azeri – AZ Macedonian – MK
Belarusian – BE Malay – MS
Bengali – BN Malayalam – ML
Bulgarian – BG Marathi – MR
Burmese – MY Mongolian – MN
Catalan – CA Nepali – NE
Chinese – ZH Norwegian- BokmΓ₯l
Croatian – HR Persian – FA
Danish – DA Polish – PL
Dutch – NL Portuguese – PT
Estonian – ET Romanian – RO
Filipino – FIL Russian – RU
Finnish – Fi Scottish Gaelic – GD
French – FR Serbian – SR
Galician – GL Sinhala – SI
Georgian – KA Slovenian – SL
German – DE Somali – SO
Greek – EL Spanish – ES
Gujarati – GU Swahili – SW
Hawaiian – HAW Swedish – SV
Hebrew – HE Tamil – TA
Hungarian – HU Telugu – TE
Icelandic – IS Thai – TH
Indonesian – ID Tongan – TO
Irish – GA Turkish – TR
Italian – IT US English – EN (US)
Japanese – JA Ukranian – UK
Kannada – KN Urdu – UR
Kazakh -KK Vietnamese – VI
Khmer - KM Welsh – CY
Korean - KO Zulu - ZU