Imagen Live Connect ⚡

Connect your live-streamed media to Imagen, capturing every moment for instant clips and bespoke post-processing



How it works 

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Imagen offers the option to display and ingest live streams. Platform users may clip from live video, annotate media and timeshift (jump back through the feed). Imagen treats a live Stream as a piece of media, encoding a web proxy on the fly and creating a growing file.

The live streaming functionality processes streams up to 5Mbps (not full HD) and creates a 1Mbps version in real-time, from which users can make clips. After the event has ended, Imagen will re-encode the file to the platform's proxy quality.

Live streaming formerly relied on manual scheduling by our Client Services team. This new feature puts you in control.  

Can I still use RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol Stream)?

Yes. It is possible to use both RTMP and SRT, although SRT is far more performant and is now the industry standard.


Imagen captures your live streams using our scalable server farm, allowing you to create clips on the fly and choose a workflow for post-production.


⚠️It is crucial to add the passphrase to the end of the SRT URL shown below


This is the URL from which the stream will originate. 

srt://[ip address or DNS]:[port]?mode=listener




srt://{Passphrase goes here}

Passphrase Example:


Optional Arguments:



How it works 

Now that your record has been created, Imagen will connect your new media object to the incoming SRT stream


What Next

As a workflow must be chosen before the stream begins, it may be worth looking at our workflows section if you are unfamiliar with or unsure which to choose