Configuring "Download Profiles" ⚡

Download profiles control offline user access to media, by assigning permissions to certain user/group(s)

Prerequisite knowledge: To make the most of this guide it would help to be familiar with Users, Groups and the Imagen management Interface 

Example one: When using Monetisation

If you are using Imagen Monetisation downloads may be restricted to Admin or Internal users, unless you choose to offer 'screener' downloads (low quality, often created by using a watermarked workflow).

Example two: When offering downloads to specific users or groups

Let's say we have a group of users called 'Image Downloders', we can set a 'Download Profile

to allow downloads of the 'Large Image' rendition

Now let's say we have a group of users called 'Video Downloders', and we want to set a 'Download Profile' allowing downloads of the 'HLS Video' proxy rendition

On completion our download profiles look like this: