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Artificial Intelligence Services

Automate generation of rich descriptive metadata, eliminating repetitive tasks and improving content discoverability.



AI Services create new layers of searchability for your content, with a diverse range of options, such as detection of People, Objects and Locations.

Use AI to transcribe speech from the audio of your Media in 10 languages. Detect levels of positive and negative sentiments, Identify speakers, understand who spoke, and when.

Advantages 📈:

  • Multiple media files can be processed at the same time
  • Full-text transcripts can be generated for closed captioning
  • Workflows can be configured with multiple AI services 


  • Face recognition can Identify faces of celebrities, personalities and players
  • Logo recognition Identify branding in video sequences
  • Object recognition Identify and label everyday objects
  • Shot recognition: Detect scene breaks
  • Content Moderation Detect and prevent explicit content
  • Object Tracking Track movement of multiple objects


  • Sentiment Analysis Detect levels of positive and negative
  • Speaker Identification Understand who spoke and when
    from an audio track
  • Speech to Text Convert speech from audio to text in
    10 languages


  • Text Detection Detect and show the point where text
    is found
  • Translation Translate text into more than 40 languages



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🤓 Pro Tip: We would love to discuss the solution that will best suit your needs. Please reach out to your Imagen contact or support@imagen.io to explore possibilities 
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