Display banners on your site πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

Quickly add customisable alerts, promotions, and notices to your whole site or just specific user groups.



Have an event, service update, or promotion? Imagen Pro’s new customisable site banners allow you to display information to all site users, or just a certain user group. Banners can also be used as a CTA (call-for-action) with your own customisable hyperlink(s). You can even specify the date/time when the banners should appear and disappear. 

Step-by-Step Banner Creation

Banner Parameters

Banner Translations

Reordering Banners





  • Active field: If you want the banner to go live as soon as you save it make sure to tick the β€˜Active’ field at the top of the panel
  • Banner Name: enables the banner to be identified when multiple banners are created
  • Active from & Expires: Select the day you would like the banner to go live and expire automatically
  • Message: Set the message you would like displayed in the banner
  • Allow user to dismiss banner: Leave unchecked if you want the banner to be permanent
  • Force users to see the banner again: If you update the banner content at any point and want users to see the banner again, check this box
  • Use banner action button: Select this box if you want to add an action button that links to a new page
  • Banner action button text: set the text you would like to appear on the button and enter the URL of the destination if enabled
  • Role picker: By default, the banner will appear to β€˜everyone’, if you wish one user group to see the banner, type in the User Group name and select β€˜Add’


Once you have created your Site Banner and saved it, you will be able to reopen its settings and configure alternate translations as required:


Reordering Banners