Google Analytics

Enhance the User Intelligence analytics offered by Imagen by using your Google Analytics account

👩‍🎓Prerequisite knowledge: To get the most from this guide it will help to be familiar with Google Analytics configuration. You will also need editor-level access to your Google Analytics account



Both UA (Universal Analytics) are GA4 (Google Analytics) are supported for Usage statistics, but we do not currently support Custom Dimensions in GA4. Custom Dimensions allow GA to stream custom data from your site or app, but we do not yet support the GA4 utilised "Custom Tagging" offered as part of our GA Integration. Most of what could be achieved via GA4 could be achieved via UA, and/or custom Imagen reporting. 

⚠️ Pro Tip: Custom dimensions are supported in UA (Universal Analytics) but are not currently supported by GA4

⚠️Warning: Please satisfy yourself with the legal requirements for protecting personal data


 Step-by-Step Guide to Google UA ⚡

Google tutorial - (Skip to step 14 below if using this guide)

Step-by-Step Guide to GA4 ⚡

Google tutorial - (Skip to step 14 below if using this guide)

💬Alternative considerations:

To achieve the same results as GA we can schedule custom (bespoke) reporting to give you a view of the information that really matters. If this is of interest, please get in touch with your account manager