Burnt-in Timecodes (BITC) 📕

Burnt-in timecodes allow editors to identify important moments in your video easily. Burnt-in timecodes could also specify clipping points for media orders. As an example, First-half, Half-time, Second-half, Full-Time


👩‍🎓Prerequisite knowledge: to get the most from this guide it would help to understand file ingestion

Burnt-in timecodes are created by placing a data overlay on the output of the transcoder, specifically the SMTP timecode. Timecodes will run from the base timecode, for the duration of the media file. The timecode will default to 10:00:00:00 If a base timecode cannot be found within the media 

⚡Pro Tip: review base timecodes in our guide to the media object timeline

⚡Pro Tip: If you are interested in this feature please get in touch with your account manager or email support@imagen.io

Alternative considerations

Imagen annotations also allow you to mark and Identify Important moments in your video. Media annotations can be used to establish chapters that can display to your users - first half, half time etc. Follow this link to learn more about media annotations