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Annotations Guideđź“•

Mark points of interest with annotations and allow users to find content quickly and easily



Annotations allow users to quickly identify important moments in your video. By searching for, and selecting annotations, the video will automatically play from the point at which the annotation has been applied

Perhaps you may mark items of interest within images and video

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Types of annotations


With mute annotations, selected (or all) audio channels can be switched off for a specified period of time


Geo-location annotations allow you to add a latitude and longitude to Identify places where part of the video or the image has taken place 


Chapters allow you to add a marker for period of time in your video content. This could be used to display "First Half", "Half Time", and "Second Half" period of sports content


Spatial annotations can be used to mark an object or person within a video or Image. This will also be marked with a time-stamp to quickly identify areas of interest.


Geo-location annotations allow you to add latitude and longitude data to Identify places where part of the video or the image has taken place 

Why might I use Annotations?

As a sports federation

As mentioned above, a sports federation may use this to highlight periods of play and break, i.e. First Half, Second Half and so on. This will vary depending on the sport, but athletes, scores, and even Interviews can be transcribed into annotations. 

As a sports team

You may use annotations to review good play or discuss where play could be improved - bad passes etc.

As a corporation

You may use annotations to transcribe company announcements,  or maybe team updates or training materials

As a production company

You could use annotations to mark actors, scenes or edits.

đź’ˇPro tip: Annotations can be added manually, or you could use our AI workflows to automatically detect celebrity faces, logos, objects, or just transcribe speech all from within your Imagen platform. If AI workflows are of interest, please get in touch with your Imagen contact or talk to support@imagen.io