Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

Use the Imagen extension to access your content Library within Adobe Premiere Pro

Setting up your Adobe Premiere Pro integration will give you access to your Imagen Pro content archive in an Adobe Premiere Pro panel.  This will enable you to discover, preview, and download low and high-resolution assets from Imagen to use in your video sequences.  You can work with low-resolution assets in your sequence, and once you're finished editing, download the high-resolution, allowing for an ‘offline’ edit before uploading the finished article back to Imagen.

Imagen Pro

Downloading the extension
Navigate to the Adobe Exchange to install the Imagen/Adobe Premiere Pro plugin. Simply click on the ‘free’ button and enter your Adobe credentials to install the plugin to your Creative Cloud. Scroll down for a step-by-step walkthrough

Using the extension

  1. Load/open your project in Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. In the top menu bar, navigate to Window > Extensions > Imagen
  3. Type in your platform’s URL
  4. Either type in your credentials or sign-in using SSO (scroll down for SSO)
  5. Drag and drop your Imagen panel to the desired location

You can now

  • Search and filter results 
  • View media by clicking on the asset's context menu ("burger" menu)
  • Download media in low-resolution and high-resolution by clicking on the asset's context menu ("burger" menu)
  • Replace your low-resolution download with a high-resolution download

💡Pro tip: Ensure the users who will be using Imagen’s Adobe Premiere Pro Panel are authorised to download the media profiles configured under the Premiere Pro option under Admin > Manage users / groups > Manage download profiles.