Onboarding Playbook

Here are some of the first questions to ask prospects

Initial fact-finding:

Understand the current media practices...

  • Media storage location?
  • Media storage format(s) e.g. .mov. .mp4 etc?
  • Associated metadata?
    • Embedded in Images/Videos
    • In structured data files, e.g. XML, JSON
    • Spreadsheets (e.g, .csv or .xlsx)
  • Expected user experience 
  • How do you envision users searching for, previewing or retrieving media?
  • Which additional metadata could enhance the way users locate media (Etc. Timed Annotations, Spatial Tagging of Images, Logging via the Imagen Media Logging tool)?

  • Which categories define media for ease of location (e.g., event, season, colour, location, etc.)?

  • Which downloads will be available to users, e.g. standard, silver, or gold?
  • Will media be shared across social media?
  • Do you need to syndicate media to other platforms or external companies, e.g. MRSS feeds?

Ultimate objectives...

  • Efficiently manage media
  • Make media discoverable to more people
  • Consolidate media into one place
  • Extract value from media
  • Alleviate the strain of media requests and their fulfilment
  • Migrate to the cloud to preserve media long-term without physical costs (LTO/drives)
  • Promote your brand and content through easy access
  • Provide news and features, with updates and personalised messages
  • Replace our current website



How will your platform look?

  • What will be the site's URL (e.g., new domain, subdomain, Imagen-provided domain)?

  • How will it look (i.e., how closely will it align to your other digital properties)?

  • Browser display customisation with a favicon?