GET imcc/v1/import/record/ πŸ“°

Retrieve progress of an import record(s) task. You can only retrieve progress of an import task with the same user access token used to create it

Resource URL


Response formats XML
Requires authentication? Yes
Required scope(s) readUsersData





Timeout (Optional) 

πŸ’‘Pro Tip: When ingesting Images, documents, or small videos - the job may be complete so quickly that the progress cannot be returned. The Timeout parameter allows you to slow things down to test the API. For large files, this will not be required. Programmatic solutions also happen so fast progress is returned in almost every case

Example REST request

https://{MEDIACONTROLCENTRE_HOST-FQDN}:83/imcc/v1/import/record{Job GUID goes here}

Example Response

Returns success or an error response on failure.

Response on success

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <DatabaseJob GUID="AB41FF0E-BDA1-4f11-8516-E3BDF22C7C17" State="2" Type="2">
                <ImagenRecord ID="226">
                        <MediaObject ID="455"/>
                        <StoreJob ID="119936A6-7282-458c-B52C-77778F79519D"/>

Response on failure

Standard failure response