Developers' Guide 📕

The powerful Imagen API offers many ways to integrate with Imagen. Read on to get going with your custom solution.

⚠️ To create an application you will need to assign a user Developer permission. Standard users will not be able to access Developer Mode in Imagen

Getting started 

  1. Imagen API calls require an Imagen application. Creating an application will grant you an API Key, which is used to authenticate your connection. Applications are created at https://your_imagen_domain/developer
  2. Now we have created the application, we must assign the required scopes
  1. In addition to an API key, a Bearer token is required to authenticate the connection. This bearer token is created using an OAuth URL and sets the scopes used to access the required endpoints. Check out 'Authenticating your Applicationfor a detailed walkthrough.
  2. You are now ready to start building your solution for bespoke ingestion. Follow the links below for examples of the possibilities:
    1. Serverless compute, Azure function or Lambda code for example
    2. A local script running on your internal servers
    3. Integration with your third-party or in-house application

    🤓Our team of engineers will be happy to help you find the right solution. Please get in touch with your Imagen contact, or send an email to