Imagen API Documentation 📕

The 'Imagen API' gives you the power to build solutions to Ingest, amend, and delete content. You can also manage users and permissions as well as ingest Jobs and Workflows.



Getting started with the Imagen API

1. Create an application in Imagen

2.Authenticate your application with the correct scopes for your desired endpoints below

3. Follow the API guides shown below 

⚠️IMPORTANT: You will need to request a firewall exception from Imagen to connect to the API. All incoming connections on port 83 will be disallowed by default, but we can add IP addresses or CIDR blocks to allow connections.

These REST APIs provide access to the Imagen system for record and media creation as well as management. Where necessary, OAuth is used to provide security for those calls that require it. and OAuth is also used to identify both users and applications.

The Imagen MediaControlCentre is the core service in the Imagen system for managing media. The Imagen StorageService provides a stable abstraction to the storage system that you are using.

💡Pro Tip: Imagen API endpoints follow a best practice approach of required arguments in the URL and optional arguments as query parameters

Programmatic examples for Reference

API Endpoints

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